Mal Marine

Mal marine offers itself as a global partner with unmatched technical and commercial resources coupled with a know how in the provision of major marine sectors and technical services.

Our staff comprises committed industry experts divided into teams dedicated to specific areas including Design, Project Management, Resource Management and In-Service Support.

With more than 30 years in marine business and our combined experience and vast knowledge that we are able to adopt a fresh-thinking approach and deliver innovative solutions to every challenge ahead of us.

Mal Marine was established with an excellent worldwide network of highly skilled, qualified and competent team of professionals from different disciplines in the marine industry.


Our objective is to assist our worldwide customers with the commitment to work out the job orders to their satisfaction regardless of any difficulty or complication there may arise.

In today’s demanding world whereby the multitude of rules and regulations and price competitiveness, we succeed where others may have failed because we capitalize on our excellent worldwide network of suppliers, repairers, shipyards, class societies and Authorities.

MAL MARINE is continuously on the lookout for new products, skill development & establishing new contacts in the marine industry to provide more reliable & efficient services to our worldwide customers.

Our main sectors

Yacht Sales

Yacht Charters

Ship repairs and support


Cruise and ferries

VIP Transport

Special type of vessels

Designer (CAD)